About our activity

The private limited liability company Granex Distribution is a wholesale company dealing in consumer goods operating in the Lithuanian market. The goal of our company is to make the goods made by you reach every consumer of Lithuania, and to organize the supply in such a way as goods on the shelves of your stores have never been in short supply. Attempting to increase the sales volumes of our clients, we are never short of ideas for the sale promotion campaigns.

We hope and put efforts to ensure that every client of ours was aware that it is appreciated and respected by our company. We always try to offer the best conditions, adhere to agreements, and expect the same from our partners.


Our strength is high quality products and services. All this motivates us to continually improve our work.


Our goal is always exceeding our customers’ expectations. The needs of our clients is the basis of our activities. We equally appreciate the work with both, small and large-sized companies.

Granex Distribution LLC is open to different projects and suggestions. If you want to see the goods made by you in every store of Lithuania, or to market fast-moving consumer goods, to work with an impetuous, motivated and professional team, Granex Distribution LLC is exactly what you need.

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